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In the sentence
저는 한국 이화대에서 마케팅 디자인을 배웠습니다 (I studied Marketing Design at Ihwa University in Korea) what does 배웠습니다 mean? 
I find it helpful to know what each part of the sentence means so I can put it together.



Hi Brizelgs, 

The verb "배웠습니다" means "studied" or "learned".  It is the polite Past form of "배우다". 

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Here's the sentence broken down for you: 

저는 = I
한국 = Korea
이화대 = Ihwa University
에서 = at
마케팅 디자인 = Marketing Design 
을 = (particle indicating the direct object of a verb)
배웠습니다 = studied

Here's another example of "배웠다" in action:

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It's helpful to use "My Vocab" to save words to your personal word list (select the word and click the ABC icon). I hope that helps!


The sad thing is that is a problem through out the program,  it does not teach vocabulary, it teaches sentences and long phrases.  NOt good for beginners.

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