T and D ( ㄷ )?


How do I know when I have to use T and D (ㄷ) ?

Jeremy V

the writing lessons should help answer this question. ㄷ is d and ㄸ is td.


Hi Aurora3a, The "ㄷ" sound can change depending on the where the letter is in the word as well. So if it's at the beginning it can sound more like a "t" but in the middle it will be more of a "d". Same goes for the letter "ㄱ" - it's more of a "k" in an initial position and "g" in a medial position. The letters are explained in the Writing lessons but make sure you use the Rocket Record feature to re-play and re-record your voice so you can work on telling the difference between sounds. Hope that helps!

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