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없서 vs. 없어?


Hello! What is the difference between '없서' and '없어'? I've noticed that in '1.4 Have you eaten? Part 2',  '없서' is listed by itself but in sentences '없어' is used instead. This is something that I've really been wondering about, especially since '없서' is lot harder for me to get Rocket Record to approve of than '없어'!  Thanks!


Hi Xanthareel,

The correct spelling is "없어", not "없서". I haven't been able to find the incorrect spelling "없서" in Lesson 1.4. Did you mean "없다"? 


No, I really did mean '없서'! Looking at the lesson again it does say '없어' now, but it really was '없서' for a while (it was under Extra Vocabulary where '없어' now is).

Thank you for the help! :)


Hi Xanthareel, 

Maybe it was corrected before my reply to you - our apologies for any confusion!

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