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Why does Sujung uses the word 당신 with some one she just met ? I thought that this word was only used between husband and wife (although I heard that sometimes koreans use it with foreigners to translate the grammatical person "you").

Jeremy V

its use for saying (as for) you. its NOT only between husband and wife.


That's not correct. Nobody uses "dangsin" in korea (except married couples and foreigners).

Jeremy V

sorry for the incorrect info, just looked it up .


Hi Francisco, 당신 is more commonly used between husband and wife but it is actually pseudo-pronoun meaning it's another form or saying "you" without saying "you". Sometimes to be polite you would use the other person's name or a pseudo-pronoun like 당신 (said body) or 그쪽 (that side). It indicates a level of distance between the speakers although in a husband/wife situation is a term of respectful endearment. The link that Jeremy posted explains the usage: " honorific common noun, e.g. dangsin (당신, "said body") or jane (자네, "oneself") (used for "you" in the familiar speech level). The pseudo-pronoun dangsin is actually a noun, from the Sino-Korean loanword 當身 "the aforementioned body". There are a large number of such pseudo-pronouns in Korean." I hope that helps!

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