Forum Rocket Korean Korean Vocab Would this be a correct conversation?

Would this be a correct conversation?


I made up my own basic introductory conversation and was wondering if it was correct. Here it is: Kim: Anyounghaseyo. Bangapseumnida. (Hello. It’s nice to see you.) Park: Anyounghaseyo. Orenmany-eyo. (Hello. It’s been a long time.) Kim: Ah ne. Jal jine shutsuyo? (Ah yes. Have you been well?) Park: Ne. Jaljina-eyo. Dangshineun-yo? (Yes. I’m fine, thanks. And you?) Kim: Jeoneun gweanchanh-ayo. (I’m fine.) Park: Anyoung-hee-gaseyo. (Goodbye.) Kim: Annyoun-hee-gyeseyo. (Goobye.)


Hi Austin, Sorry for the late reply - yes, that sounds fine! You could also say 잘지내고 있어요 (jaljinae go isseoyo") which means "I'm doing well". How about trying to write it with Korean letters? :)

Jeremy V

@ Austin pretty good idea i think i might try making my own sentences and mixing it up as well

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