Forum Rocket Portuguese Portuguese Culture and Travel Can anyone recommend a good language exchange site?

Can anyone recommend a good language exchange site?



I REALLY like learning Portuguese with Rocket.  I especially appreciate the interactive conversation and the writing exercises.  This has given me the confidence and curosity to try a language exchange with a Portuguese speaker.  I have tried 3 sites with no success: Speaky (appears to not be working), Tandem, and Conversation Exchange.  What I have found is that even though there may be thousands of members, only a handful are active.  My preference is a face-to-face video conversation in place of writing.  I prefer a browser-based platform as opposed to some that require Android or iOs only.

Along that topic … If you are a student or native speaker and would like to practice with me just respond to this chat and I can share my contact information.  My native langauge is English.  I also speak Spanish.  In addition to learning Portuguese, I am also learning Esperanto.  My time zone is GMT -5.  Thanks!

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