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Accents of Paulo and Tereza


Hello! Are Paulo and Tereza both Brazilian? They seem to have different accents. If I'm correct in picking up on that, is it just from different parts of the country, then? Just curious- I'm visiting both mainland Portugal and the Açores in July and I'm trying to familiarize myself with all the different accents I may encounter. Thanks!


Hi Jenna, You are right, we have different accents, because we are from different parts of the country. I am from Brasília and Paulo is from Rio de Janeiro. Have a nice trip to Portugal :) Tereza.


Ah, yes...the accents. I practiced what I learned with my Brazilian friend in São Paulo..and he noted that what I was learning was more of the Rio dialect (he demonstrated the São Paulo dialect.

Here is my question...(perhaps it may be controversial). Is there any particular dialect that is considered "proper Brazilian Protugues"?

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