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Order of lessons


In "interactive audio lessons" 1.7 "Traveling on schedule", they refer to the beginner's book 1.7 on how to tell the time. This book is from what I can understand from other topics, gone, or in some other lesson that I do not have access to.  
This got me thinking - Should I get it? Furthermore, in Module 2.5 to 2.7 in Language  culture lessons, the topic is numbers - and how to tell time. Should these be done before audio lesson 1.7? 
Is the program not set up so I can follow it number wise?
Any help is appreciated! 


Hola Jonasvestergaard, 

The Beginners Book can be found in the Survival Kit section in the left side bar, under "Beginners Spanish - Book". 

We try to be flexible with our courses, so there is not set-in-stone way of progressing through the lessons. ​However, we tend to recommend listening to one or two Interactive Audio lessons and then one or two Language & Culture lessons as the lessons often relate to each other.

You can also follow the lesson numbering as it is set out on your Dashboard,  until you become familiar with the types of lessons included in the course. After that, you will probably have a better idea of what suits you better. 

I hope that helps!


When I first started the courses I did them lineally, first going through all of the audio lessons, then the language and culture lessons. But at some point, I realized, as the tutor wrote, that some of the language and culture lessons correspond with an audio lesson.

Lately I have been working on a language and culture lesson and an audio lesson simultaneously, for example right now I am working on lesson 15.4 and 15.9. They both deal with the present subjunctive and even share some of the same phrases. For me they tend to reinforce each other and it helps me to mix things up, interspersing a shorter language lesson with the longer audio lessons.


Tutor said: "The Beginners Book can be found in the Survival Kit section in the left side bar, under "Beginners Spanish - Book". "

Does not seem to be there any more, at least not in Level 1. Why? It sound useful. 


Here it is.



Muchas gracias.

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