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Olá everyone! My name is Tereza and I'm your host (and tutor) for Rocket Portuguese. Feel free to ask any questions you have about the course or about Portuguese in general. I hope you enjoy learning with me :) - Tereza


Ola Tereza. Como está? I've just finished the first lesson and really enjoyed it. Thank you for a great course! Danny


Ola, Danny, eu estou bem, e você? Congratulations! You Did It Very Well !! Keep going like that. Tereza.


Hello Tereza, The course is very nice. I have a question on pronounciation. Specifically the letter "s." The audio files with the course pronounce the "s" as "sh." Is this is a regional accent? Or should this be the way to learn it?


Hi Dan, Brazil is a big country with many states and each state has their own regional accent. About your question, yes this sound like "sh" is a regional accent from "Rio de Janeiro". This is not wrong, but only one way to learn portuguese, like I said Brazil has many accents. Thanks, Tereza.


Oi Tereza! Como está? Tudo bem? Me nome é Erica. Eu sou uma professora de inglês. Eu tenho muito estudantes brasilieiros. Eu estou gostando de aprendizagem português. Eu falo espanhol, um poquinho de portanhol. (How would I type LOL in portuguese, please?) Eu morei perto las Cataratas de Iguazu em Argentina. I can tell that my Spanish will interfere a bit with my learning Portuguese. I may be asking for some tips and tricks. Obrigada, Tereza! Tereza


Oi Erica ! I'm happy that you like it and your portuguese is very good ! :) Nowadays, many Brazilians often use the acronym "LOL" for “laughing out loud”, but in Portuguese you can type "AHAHAH" or "KKKKK" and "rs" for small laugh. Hope this help ! Thanks and if you have more questions I will be glad to help you. Até Breve, Tereza. .


Is there anyone there learned Spanish and Portuguese as a foreign languages?


Ola Tereza, 

This is my first time learning a new language. I completed lesson 1 and already very frustrated!  I have difficulty with memorization and could not follow so quickly. Any suggestions please?


Hi Chris,

Dont be frustrated, this is a normal process if it is your first experience with a new language.

Try to redo your Portuguese lessons and you will see that, step by step, you will get better. Another suggestion could be an association between Portuguese words and some casual situations that normally occurs in your life. 



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