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how i learn portuguese ?


how i learn portuguese ?


Hi Abd r, My tip for you is... Read a lot and practice the words pronunciation by listen and repeat our Portuguese exercises, this is the best way to learn and improve your Portuguese skills. Até breve ! Tereza.


Oi Tereza, I enjoy learning Portuguese through this site. I learn Portuguese cos when i went to East Timor for travel last august, i heard my friends talking in portuguese and i just sat listening them talking, cos i dont know at all what are they talking about. but its sounds good to hear them talking and i start like the laguage. and now i am learning it haha... for me, the efective of learn a language and make it fluently is by conversation. But hard to find Portuguese people here in jakarta :( unless i go to the embassy. but i am not sure they can help.


Hi Dini, I'm so glad you like it :) Yes, you are right. The conversation is very important, but read and listen are very important too. Unfortunately, I dont know about the embassy, but maybe you'll get lucky. Até breve ! Tereza.


I learn some vocabulary, but I try to study hard.


Hi Reynaldo, Keep studying hard and soon your portuguese will be "impressionante". Até breve! Tereza.

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