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translation of message


Hello, I would like to reply to message and wrote in Potruguese the following lines: ============================================ Hi Maria, I am grandson of Vojtech Hron, he was brother of Ladislav Hron. I would like to know more about my uncle Ladislav. I will write you an email in Portuguese. It will take few days, but I am looking forward to your answer. Thank you. ============================================ The person doeasn't speak english, so with the help of google translator, I got the following translation: ============================================ Olá Maria, Eu sou neto de Vojtech Hron, ele era irmão de Ladislav Hron. Eu gostaria de saber mais sobre o meu tio Ladislav. Vou escrever um e-mail em Português. Vai demorar alguns dias, mas eu estou olhando para a frente a sua resposta. Obrigado. ============================================ I would like to ask, if it is understandable. Thank you very much. Alfonz


Hi Alfonz, Well done !! Just one note, instead ", mas eu estou olhando pra frente sua resposta" You can write "mas eu espero sua resposta" Hope this helps, Tereza.

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