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Advanced Courses


I am interested in intermediate and advanced level courses to obtain fluency. I would like to be able to discuss advanced concepts and ideas in Brazilian portuguese. Will you offer such courses?


Hi Dr R3, Thanks for your question. Unfortunately there are no current plans to create a more advanced Portuguese course I'm sorry, but I will let the Products Development team know that it's been requested. I hope you are enjoying your lessons!


I would also be interested in an advanced course, around level C1 or C2 according to the European language scale. Cheers, Michael


Hi Michael I will let the Products Development team know about your interest. Thank you :) Tereza.


My little question is that. Is there any opportunity through this plateform to speak online with members or trainers or teacher.


Hi Asif, Thank you for your question. There are plans afoot to start offering paid Skype lessons to our Members. We have already started to trial this kind of lesson with the Rocket Spanish course, and so far it's going well. If they continue to go well, we will start rolling them out across the other languages. It might still be some months before we can add this option to Rocket Portuguese, but we will let you know! I hope that helps!


Just adding, I would also be interested in advanced and intermediate courses on Portuguese. I have been enjoying this basic level so much that I think the advance would be awesome.


I am also looking for Intermediate and Advanced Portuguese Courses.


'm also very interested in the Intermediate to Advanced course. Thank you in advance :)

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