Rocket Languages Blog Changes for the Rocket Languages 2018 Edition released early

Changes for the Rocket Languages 2018 Edition released early


The flashcards still have not been set to done. Can you please do this?


Hi Lesieur201 - This should be done now! Sorry about that.


Hi Brittany - There has been a slight change with how Rocket Record works but only so that members can now have a small pause between or during sentences without Rocket Record stopping and analysing the result. The sensitivity has not changed.

nóng fū

Jason, I posted an issue with the Rocket Chinese vocabulary feature approximately 3 days ago, but there has been no acknowledgement nor response from Rocket Languages.  Can you provide an email address of someone at Rocket Languages who can handle platform issues?


Hi Nong Fu - This issue should be resolved now!

nóng fū

My vocabulary is back on-line.  Thank you.


Gracias Jason! I thought that the sensitivity had changed, but found that my family's lifestyle had gotten a bit louder than in the past. Keep up the muy bueno trabajo! 


HI all - A couple more features have been added.

Rocket Record: If you are using Chrome on a desktop computer then your ratings for each individual phrase are saved. So, when you revisit a lesson you can easily see your rating for each phrase.

And, when you do go back to a lesson that you have previously completed some Rocket Records on, it should drop you back to the last Rocket Record that you used.

I hope that you find these small changes useful!

Early next week we hope to have the beta version of the Benchmark tests live! These are probably going to be more useful for people starting out, but some of you more experienced campaigners may find them useful.


I noticed that rocket remembers scores on conversation transcripts now. I guess that is mostly a good thing but I was used to knowing where I was when I repeated a session as the scores were wiped. 
One thing I have noticed is that on the very first session where the scores were remembered they  were remembered wrong. The remembered scores were peppered with 0% scores on easy phrases which I know scored 100%. Later sessions seem to have been remembered correctly.


I spoke too soon, it doesn't appear to remember scores correctly at least in the German course.
Lots of random  low score on phrases which originally scored 100%.


Hi Sfpugh - The way the system currently works is that if you rate a phrase using one of the Reinforcement activities then that over-writes any previous rating for that phrase. For example if you rate a phrase 100% within the lesson, and then using, say, Know it! rate the phrase at 75% then the aforementioned 100% will change to 75%.

In saying all that, we have discussed it internally and are going to change it so that ratings are maintained regardless of the Reinforcement activities. Hopefully this will avoid any more confusion!


Thank you for the explanation however I am not sure it quite works like that.
I went back to a lesson I had already done and had been marked down. I did one on the tests (hear it say it) and I made sure I got 100% on just about every thing and I couldn't see any change in the marks. But maybe you have already implemented the change.


Yes, the change has already been done!


i have a sugestion for say it section - would it be possible to automatically start the voice recording after the word or phrase is told by the narrator. This can speed up the process, as I don’t need always to push button after I hear the word or phrase to record my voice. Of course the best way how to implement it to enable turning this feature on or off based on the user request.


Hi ViliamM - Thanks for the suggestion. If we did that, I can foresee usability issues with people who didn't have a microphone connected, and/or the placement of any toggle. We do have hot-keys available for the Rocket Reinforcement activities.


Hi all - Just a quick update about another change. We have moved the FlashCards so that they are now part of the Rocket Reinforcement activities at the end of each lesson. In retrospect we should have added them in there in the first place, as it makes the navigation much simpler (particularly when it comes to the new apps due out soon).

You can access and create custom FlashCard sets under My Tools > My FlashCards.

And, you may have noticed, that beta version of My Benchmark is also live and you can find that under My Tools > My Progress.


When I logged in this morning to continue studying lesson 17.4, I noticed that the dashboard correctly showed where I was in the lesson, that I had finished Hear It Say It, and was ready to begin working on Write It. When I loaded the lesson itself, all of the progress icons at the top stayed gray, even though I have completed Hear It. When I scrolled to the bottom of the page where the testing module should be, they are missing, and instead I see the rotating ball indicating it is working. I tried reloading the lesson several times, logging out and back in, all to no avail, after many minutes it was still working to load the testing modules.

Everything else on my computer is working properly (MacBook Air, Chrome), so I know the trouble is not in my set. There is clearly a bug in the new version that was just released. As someone who sets aside time first thing each morning to study Rocket Spanish, this is very frustrating; I basically have lost an entire day of study due to something that should have been worked out before the new version was released.

I hope that the technical people will get on this immediately so that I do not lose more time.


I don't have this problem on my Windows 7 machine using Chrome and studying German.
I wonder if it is a mac specific issue?


I am not so much interested in using the Flash Cards but it is useful for me to see where I have finished a lesson (except for those). Would it be possible for you to add a button to mark a section as being done without having to go through it? (much like setting all entries in a forum category to read)


Hi all

I wanted to point out a few changes that we have made to the members area interface on desktop computers and laptops, just so no-one gets confused!

These changes are part of our roll-out for the 2018 Edition. Over the next few months we will be releasing more features to help with your language learning.

So, what's changed?

Access free trials of all language courses

One major change that you will notice when you login is that you will see free trials of all the language courses that we have.

This means that you can access and try any other language you want. Most of the free trials have over 5 hours of lessons that you can use to get a taste of what's in the full course.

The course that you last accessed will move to the front of the list for easy access when you login in the future.


Dashboard shows the last accessed lesson

When you go into your course the last lesson that you earned any points on is displayed. This should make it much easier for you to pick up where you left off.

Also, the different lesson types are differentiated from each other in a more obvious way.

2018 Edition Dashboard

Changes to the Testing section

Now, when you complete a Test, you will be prompted to re-test yourself on the phrases that you are weaker on or reset the Test entirely.

2018 Edition Testing

What's next with the 2018 Edition?

We have quite a few things in the pipeline, some of which will remain under wraps until closer to the release date.

One thing I will mention is that the Rocket Languages apps are being totally upgraded from the ground up for the 2018 Edition. The latest technological advances means that rebuilding the apps is the most sensible thing to do to future-proof them as much as we can.

We will also be adding in Benchmark Challenges so that you will be more able to know and see how your skill level has improved over your time using Rocket Languages.

Exciting times here at Rocket! Why not login and have a look for yourself?


The flashcards are a good add-on to the lessons. The benchmark challenge seems to work perfectly.

Nick Hoyt

I noticed the changes right away when I logged in today and started a lesson. It looks and works great! I'm excited to see what other changes you guys have in store over the coming months!


Looks very nice!  I'm enjoying the new features and am looking forward to the rest.  Grazie a tutti!


Wow, has Rocket Languages ever come a long way since I first started the course.  Bravo!


This is great!  I really like the ability to try out the other languages, I LOVE the re-test prompt, and am really looking forward to the Benchmark challenge!  
Thanks for all of your hard work, Rocket Team. 


Hi Dan - It looks like something is up with that particular lesson.  I will get the IT team to investigate asap. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi Steven - If you would like us to set all FlashCard ratings to done then just let us know. We figured there would be a few people who would want that!


They are the best changes ever-realease more


Hi all - Thanks for the comments! We have some exciting changes coming up over the next few months. I know the team here is looking forward to getting them out to you guys as soon as possible!


Jason: thanks for getting this cleared up so quickly. And sorry for getting a little snarky with my email. I get cranky when things get in the way of studying.

It is still acting just a bit buggy though. Several times as I worked through the Write It test, it stopped responding as I finished writing and grading one phrase, it would not move on to the next until I refreshed the screen. I tried logging out and back in, but it continued.

Thanks again,


Hi Jason - Thanks for your reactivity. Yes please, set all my FlashCard ratings to done. A+ Steven


I too noticed the changes immediately and really enjoy them.  I have to echo Steven-W15 that Rocket Languages have come a long way since joining a long time ago.  I am really enjoying learning my new language even though it is taking me time to do so but that is expected.  I like the retesting feature and am looking forward to the Benchmark challenge.


Hi Dan - No problem. There is still an issue, which is affecting lessons with a large amount of Rocket Record phrases (the lesson you refer to has 136!). The latest Chrome update seems to have some aversion to loading/playing that much audio on the page. It is probably what is causing your issues with Write it! as well. We are looking into it!

Hi Steven - Will sort that soon!


I love the changes, but I'm kind of on the fence about the addition of flashcards at the end of every lesson.  I have a good system already in place, and the flashcards do not seem like a good use of my time, and even seem a bit redundant, right on the heels of the "Know It" section.  It would be nice to have a box to tick to disable them, or even to leave them at the end of the lesson but without them affecting the "complete" percentage.  
That's just my initial reaction.  I'll play with it for a bit, and see if I get used to it.   
But thanks for all the cool new stuff!  


I never used to use the flashcards since I use Anki for words and phrases that I need to learn as I work through a lesson. Then I came to the realization that I needed to leverage every bit of Rocket Spanish to aid my learning. So now I do Hear It Say it to get Spanish to English, then I do the flashcards set to English to Spanish, then Write It to get a second round of Spanish to English, then finally Know It to get the second round of English to Spanish. Just because the flashcards are after Know It doesn't mean you have to do them in that order. The role play doesn't do much for me, but that's just me. 


The changes were impossible to miss !
I'm really enjoying my course, especially since I'm getting close (closer, anyway) to the end of my level 1 Japanese.


Jason: apparently I spoke too soon in saying lesson 17.4 was fixed. This morning when I logged in to continue working on the lesson it did the same thing as before: the spinning wheel just keeps on churning and not loading the testing modules. Something is seriously wrong with this lesson.

Instead of getting upset, this time I am going to move on to another lesson and return to this one when it is fixed. Please let me know when it is resolved.


Another issue with the flashcards:  The keyboard doesn't seem to work, at least in lesson 20.5 "What MAY HAVE happened".  I usually would hit enter to flip the card and click the number 5 to rate it "good", but I have to do both with my mouse or touchpad.  
I had the same issue yesterday with the flashcard section of lesson 20.1.  


I was really missing seeing a volume meter when you record your voice.
Now I can actually see that I'm recording something!  Sugoi! :-)



Yeah, it's official.  I really dislike the flashcards as part of the lessons.  
I feel like my time is better spent resetting and repeating any of the other sections of each lesson, rather than flipping through the cards that offer no feedback option.  

Edited to add:  I do like where they are located now, at the end of each lesson to which they apply.   


Jason - thanks for setting all flashcards to done. would appreciate you guys restoring the option to turn off voice recognition in the Play It! section. I like to simulate (and improvise) real conversations around the set dialog and the voice recognition effectively negates that possibility. 


how about a possibility to download a full lesson to mobile device - ios? Do you plan to add it in near future?


Would it be possible for there to be a button in the lesson that sets the flashcards to done? I am not a huge fan of them either. I prefer using vocab because I can get better at saying the phrase. If you cant, then can you set all my flashcards to done?


Hi Viliam - We are working on this, however it's not a straightforward thing to do. I can't give a timeframe but we hope to have it well before the end of the year.


Hi Jason,
thank you for your answer. How about My vocabulary functionality in IOS application? This would be very useful, now this functionality is awailable only on the computer.


Hi all - A few things to address here!

Yademas/Dan - What if we moved the FlashCards to be the first activity? That way it is a "soft" reminder of all the phrases before getting into the harder actvities?

Dan - We are still looking into 17.4 and various other audio issues that seem to have cropped up. We are pretty sure the latest version of Chrome deals with audio in a different way causing at least some of these issues. 

Yademas - The hot key issue is also being looked at. 

Lesieur200 - I will suggest adding a mark as complete button, although happy to set all yours to done. I will get this sorted.


Jason: I like the flashcards being with the lesson, so I don't have to go to another page to do them. In what order on the lesson they are is of no consequence to me. I am flexible and adaptable enough that I can do the tests in whatever order I care to.

If I could change something in the testing modules it would be to mark the role play exercises as complete. I go through them just so they are done and the lesson is not reopened as incomplete the next time I study, but honestly I don't get much out of this test. It is really just a measure of how well one memorizes the narrative of a particular lesson. Yes, being able to remember and speak idiomatic phrases is helpful,  but parroting the lesson narrative, not so much. But that's just me. Others may get great benefit from this test.


I agree with Dan about the play it tests. It's a bit like learning your lines for a play. It can be useful when the phrases are short and of the kind that are useful in everyday conversation, but as the phrases get longer this becomes less likely.

The greatest improvement from my point of view would be to allow the student to chose when to start speaking. After all in a real conversation, you don't have to speak until you are ready.


I don't know what it is, I am not getting any of these problems.


Interesting. I guess we all learn differently. The greatest benefit I'm getting now is trying to say entire phrases, sometimes multiple sentences at a time. My mind is lazy and has gotten way too proficient at simply spitting back those short little chucks (without thinking) presented in the course. The longer phrases forces me to think in terms of concepts.

The Play It! section is one that I enjoy the most as it allows me to simulate (and improvise) conversations beyond the set text.

Btw, thanks RL for restoring the option to turn off voice recognition in the Play It! section but it's not working properly. The dialog stops dead without continuing through the conversation once I'm given the chance to respond.


Now that is a issue I'm getting.

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