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Bonjour tout le monde

We have just released a semi-major update that includes some new features and some upgrades to existing features.

These changes/updates are of course free to all members :)

FlashCards: Adding images

Members now have the ability to add images to FlashCards when on a desktop computer or laptop. All you have to do is click the "Add image" button when you are on a particular FlashCard.

You can also upload images by clicking on the list of FlashCard words/phrases (see image).

Note that any images you upload will be publicly viewable so please make sure that they are relevant to the FlashCard word/phrase!

FlashCards - adding an image

Rocket Arabic: New Language & Culture lessons

The Arabic Language & Culture lessons have been completely revamped. They now include more audio examples and more explanations on essential language points. We have also introduced a more common romanization system that is easier to use, and included the use of harakat (diacritics) to assist with reading. We will be rolling out the new romanization and diacritics across the rest of the course, so stay tuned!

Take a trial of Rocket Arabic here.

Rocket Korean: More audio

We have added a bunch of new audio examples to the Rocket Korean Language & Culture lessons, as well as expanded the explanations in most lessons. You'll also find the lessons formatted in a way that's easier to follow. What's more, we've revised the romanization throughout to the more widely accepted transcription system used by the South Korean government.

Take a trial of Rocket Korean here.

Rocket Hindi: New Writing lessons

If you haven't already noticed, we have completely revamped our Hindi Writing lessons - they are now more detailed, with plenty of videos and audio examples to help you along. We hope you enjoy them!

Take a trial of Rocket Hindi here.

Rocket Sign Language: New videos

It's been a long road with Rocket Sign Language but we now have new videos and different presenters/models to give a better user experience when learning American Sign Language.

We have also added in Testing in the form of Translate it!

And finally, the lessons within Sign Language have been rewritten with more and better explanations!

Take a trial of Rocket Sign Language here.

Rocket Italian Travelogues released

We have also recently released the Rocket Italian Travelogues, which is a more advanced course based on the story line of following Marco and Sofia's travels around Italy. If you are an Intermediate or Advanced Italian speaker then these are for you!

Find out more about the Rocket Italian Travelogues here.

Lesson navigation

We have added Previous/Next buttons to the bottom of each lesson. This is a relatively minor change but will aid navigation when using a computer

What's next?

Quite a few things! In the coming month we hope to release a new version of our Android and iOS apps that allows for offline usage. It's proven to be a bit more complex than we first thought but we are getting there!

For those of you that don't know, we have advanced Travelogue style courses in Spanish, French, Russian and Italian (our latest release). These Travelogues are getting Module Tests and Certificates added in, similar to how our other courses work.

Most members will be on our weekly Rocket Fuel email system. We have just about finished a large upgrade to this system, which will make these weekly newsletters much more engaging and useful to you in your quest to learn a new language.

So, please make the most of these enhancements and keep an eye out for our 2018 Edition later in the year.

All the best

Jason Oxenham
Rocket Languages Ltd


Keep up the great work guys!
Nick Hoyt

Nick Hoyt

Very nice! I really appreciate the commitment to continually improving on the courses for existing users. Rocket Languages is definitely the best language course I've purchased! 


Nice to see constant improvements to the program. 


Great improvements !!!


Arabic is hard haha. Thanks for always making improvements!


Excellent! I love that you guys are always improving Rocket. My son and I LOVE the Arabic course and are already talking about which course to purchase next. I want to brush up on my Spanish and French and pick up Italian, and the little guy wants to study Russian so we can take a trip to Russia. Do you guys email current users to notify them of upcoming sales?


Hi all - Thanks for the comments!

Christina - We do in fact have a sale coming up for Independence Day, July 4th. As you are a member, you should be notified by email about that!


 Thanks !


It's great to see these improvements being made.  The offline access to the app will be really useful.  Thanks.


Sometime I hope to have a chat room ...

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