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Adding cursive script to next update and extra audio



Two suggestions of improving a great product.

I am currently still on Module 1 in Rocket Russian, and I find that there is a lot of vocabulary to learn. The easiest way for me to learn in to write the words many times, and so I am practicing cursive writing. 
It would be very helpful if the cursive script would be added to the conversation transcripts and extra vocabulary, which at the moment have printed Russian, equivalent in English letters and translation.

Another request would be to add audio files for the Language and Culture lessons. I would like to learn the numbers, and was looking for an audio file so that I could listen to them instead of reading them. This helps a lot while travelling to work and while walking the dog!

I love this software,


marieg-rocket languages

marieg-rocket languages

Hi Caroline,

Thanks for your feedback! We are always working on improving the course. I have passed your comments on to our Language Development team for their consideration. 

Kind Regards!


I agree with Caroline about Russian.  On some lessons there are huge amounts of vocabulary to learn, which in Cyrillic is difficult.  I think you need to limit the number of Russian words you introduce in any given lesson.  The Speech Recognition feature is really good to learn difficult pronunciation.

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