Forum Rocket Russian Russian Feedback and Comments How long do you typically spend learning one module/section?

How long do you typically spend learning one module/section?


I'm just curious on how long most people spend on a single module such as 2.2 or 1.7 ect... I'm trying to figure out what a good pace would be per day and how long I should spend studying and practicing the same one. Any recommendations or feedback would be appreciated! 


It depends. As the lessons progress, generally about a week. Also one lesson might include a topic that I want to explore, e.g. numbers, days of week etc. So I might stay there a week. I supplement my learning with a text book. I might want to use the lesson to practise with a Russian speaker (try for language pals, it's free as well).


Seems like a couple of hours. I'm already familiar with conjugations through my knowledge of other languages. All of the Indo-European ones change verb forms depending on the person, number and time. English is the exception. I learned how case structure works from German. The paucity of tenses makes it simpler, as does the absence of articles. It simply doesn't seem that challenging to me at this point, at 3.5 in the beginner module. 

Obviously, if this is your first time around learning a new language, then it will take you longer.

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