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Huge new vocabulary in some lessons in Rocket Russian!



Is it just me or does Rocket Russian contain a huge number of new words in some lessons?

In 2.6 Questions In Russian for example, there are no less than 92 new words, phrases and sentences!!!

Surely anyone experienced in the psychology of learning would know that that is an unreasonable amount of new information to absorb and memorise in a single lesson.

Given that the new words are spelt in Cyrillic script, the learning curve for a native English speaker is enormous.

I am finding it VERY hard to memorise all these new Russian words in a single lesson, which is a bit de-motivational to say the least ...  In contrast , in the Rocket Spanish course that I am studying in parallel with Rocket Russian, there is a more reasonable number of words per lesson on average, and being in my native English alphabet, they are much much easier to learn.

Rocket Languages' format is very dry at the best of times, basically just words words words,  with no use of modern communication technologies such as video, or even much use of images, to ease the learning experience.  I just think that dumping such a huge load of new material per lesson on Russian learners makes it very difficult to keep up.

What do other Rocket Russian learners think?

PS:  I do love the Speech Recognition feature (when it works!), which I find really really helpful to get the pronunciation right.


I agree; the cognitive load in the Russian course can be serious. Perhaps if the flashcard training included all new words (and not just some phrases), that would help. Note that Pimsleur has the opposite problem - agonizing repetition of the same words, offering a scant vocabulary.


I have to take back my comment. I just worked through the flashcards in one section and I found that they were quite comprehensive and manageable. You have to be relentless - I spent 30 minutes endlessly flipping through the cards and I refused to quit until they were all in the "Easy" column. Also, be sure to flip the front side of the card to Russian (and not look at the card but just listen; I found that helps).

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