Mistake in the badges system.



Hi all,

There seems to be a mistake regarding the badges system at the Russian course. Normally within the image of the badge, the number of points are shown, then under the icon stands the name of the current badge, and more under that the "Next Badge:....." is shown. 

However, with the Russian course, regardless of the image of the badge- whether it's a Green Star, Blue Star, Red Star etc...it keeps on saying under it "Russian Certified." And then that's also the title that's being shown on the Leaderboard.

I know it is a "silly" trouble, but still it annoys me somehow.  Makes me feel like I got stuck at the 9th badge, and no progress has been made. I know badges are not the reason for studying a language, but they do help to keep up the motivation level.(or Good Lord, have I just become addicted??)
Anyway with all the other courses the current level of badge is shown, except for the Russian.

Can anyone from the technical gurus fix this mistake on the webpage? That would be great!
Or maybe I just have to join a help group for "Rocketiers", and front of the group stand up and say: " Hi, my name is Nora and I am a Badge addict."

Nice weekend to you all!




Hi Nora, 

I'm sorry to hear about this! I will get our IT team to look into it and we will update you by email. I hope you are otherwise enjoying the course!

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