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Hello and thank you for this program. 

My Rocket Russian engines are just getting warmed up and signs are looking good.  However, I really like repetitive learning i.e. saying the days of the week in order, over and over.  I've made several Vocab Flashcards thus far and would like to suggest, if the feature doesn't already exist and I've just simply missed it, the option of putting Flashcards either in 'random' or 'in order' of selection.  I'd appreciate that option of order for things like the months, numbers, days of the week, and especially the pronouns.  I can do that within the Lesson, to a degree, but to be able to make a flashcard would help streamline the learning whilst on my phone.  I also like to run through my flashcards before attacking a Module.  The warm-up before the test :)

In any case, I thank you again for a fun program thus far and I'm looking forward to the journey ahead.

marieg-rocket languages

Hi ThomasS36, 

Thank you for your message and feedback. It is not possible to edit the settings in the Flashcards, I apologize; the already have a pre-determine order; but I have forwarded the message to our Product Development team for their review. 

Kind Regards


Thank you for the quick reply and for the consideration.  


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