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Hi Everyone, I wondered if we could all put together a 'resource' list? So besides using Rocket Russian, I've used other resources to build on each lesson. However I am always on the look out for other helpful sites. Can you add anything below? I'll post again later with my list if anyone's interested!




So I'll add my list and I'll come back to it and add stuff as I find them:
  1. Here is a free online dictionary I use: which also has sections on nouns, verbs and adjectives. 
  2. If you want a russian penpal/skype buddy then this is great - you can use it for free:
  3. Here is an online Russian keyboard that I love using:
  4. Hopefully you all know of 'Google Translate' but here is just in case:
  5. Get yourself a Russian textbook for further grammar work such as Penguin Russian (nice and cheap) Colloquial Russian (for grown ups but quite intense) or Beginners Russian (good for those who want to spend a lot of time learning). 
  6. If you want a cheap but good Russian tutor then try italki


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