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Forum Rocket Russian Russian Feedback and Comments Rocket Russian level 2 - content of Language and Culture Lessons

Rocket Russian level 2 - content of Language and Culture Lessons



I saw that Rocket Russian level 2 is out now.
Is it possible to know the list of topics of the 30 language and culture lessons included in Level 2? Or a glimpse of it?
Does it contain lessons on grammatical cases, conjugation, etc?
Thank you
Evgenia - Rocket Russian Tutor

Evgenia - Rocket Russian Tutor

Hi Matthieu13

Level 2 Language lessons cover all grammatical cases of nouns, adjectives and possessives, verbal aspect, the passive voice, reflexive verbs, prefixed verbs of motion, modals, time expressions, comparisons, Russian idioms, ordinal numbers, negative pronouns and adverbs, lessons on daily routine, hobbies and many more.  


I want to finish all the Lessons in Russian! it is possible.. I want to finish both courses in 1 year. This is my 5th day with Level 1. I am very motivated, hope to continue this path. 

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