Russian levels 2 and 3?


Are there any plans to add levels 2 and 3 for Rocket Russian? I've been waiting for these for a very long time, and I would like for Rocket Russian to be able to take me to a more advanced level than is currently offered with just level 1.


marieg-rocket languages

Hi AlexanderG9, 

Yes, we are planning to develop higher levels for the Russian course, we don't have a release date yet though, as we are just in the planning stage. Once the course are available, we will certainly let you know! 

Kind Regards!

Natalya - Tutor

Just to add, we also have a course entitled "Rocket Russian Travelogue" which you may find useful to further develop your speaking and listening skills:

This course has a variety of topics concentrating on travel and is a useful way of enhancing  your vocabulary and fluency. 


Great. I would love to proceed beyond level 1 in a few months. look forward to the developments. Please keep me posted.



It feels like I've been waiting for it since around 2016, so a few months may be a bit optimistic.


I really like the Rocket Russian Course. One thing I would like to see different are more interactive lessons that deal with more everyday ordinary conversation. I would like to be able to describe more about how I am feeling or what I am doing in my daily routines.  


So, it's been about 5 months. Any update on levels 2 and 3?

Natalya - Tutor

Hi Alexander G9

We are currently developing level 2. It's not too far away now : )

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