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Weird behavior in the voice recognition




Hi everyone! I’m a Spaniard learning Russian with this wonderful program and app.

I have found a little problem when speaking numbers to the app (iPad with original earphone/microphone or with the built in ones). When the app asks me to say an expression that contains a number, in most of cases, after saying it (e. g. Десять дней) it transcribes it as «10 дней», putting the number with arabic numbers instead of Russian letters, and in red; then the app doesn’t give me the whole score, and I get only the percentage of the word that is not a number (even when it has in fact got that I said a number).

I’m using the app in an iPad with the last iOS and the app is updated, and have installed both Russian keyboards from Apple (Russian and Russian phonetic).

Am I doing anything wrong? Is it a bug in the app?

Thanks for your response and take care. Спасибо! 
marieg-rocket languages

marieg-rocket languages

Hi EliasG3, 

Thank you very much for contacting us and for your feedback; you're not doing anything wrong on your end; sometimes we just need to calibrate the feedback feature and see if the scoring improves; when on the Reinforcement, there is a feedback button you can use and then we can check the specific phrase that's causing problems, and we can work on it. 

Kind Regards!



I’ll try the feedback button. Have a nice day!


I didn't realise someone else had posted about this. This drove me crazy. With nearly all the numbers, when I pronounced them, it stated I hadn't got it right. With the words, nearly always correct. Yep, should have used the feedback button but I thought it was me. 

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