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привет everyone!

My name is Natalya and I'm your host (and tutor) for Rocket Russian. Feel free to ask any questions you have about the course, or about Russian in general. 

I hope you enjoy learning with me 

- Natalya


Thanks Natalya, glad to have you as a tutor for this great language. :)


The Chinese course has ""Play It in Hanzi" in addition to the regular "Play It" tests.  I would like to see a "Play it in Cyrillic" added.


Hi Robert, thank you for your post.  At the moment, Play It includes both Cyrillic and romanized text.  Do you think it would be more useful split into two separate tests?

We look forward to your response!


Yes, I think it would be good to have two tests.  Keep the first "Play It" the way it is.  In the Chinese test, "Play it in Hanzi", the easy level shows romanized (Pinyin) and Hanzi text.  As you progress to more difficult levels, it show less romanized text and ultimately only Hanzi.  This has helped me learn both the dialog and learn to read Hanzi.

非常感谢 (fēicháng gǎnxiè)
Thank you very much


Thanks so much for your reply Robert - it is much appreciated.  I have spoken to a colleague, and it shouldn't be any problem to create a second Play It test.  Hopefully we can do that sometime this week - keep an eye out for it.

Thanks again!  All the best.


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