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Hi All

Just starting off.  Could some learned person let me know about the words "And you".  I have three different Russian translations so  in what contexts would I use them?

"А у Вас" or "А Вы" or "и ты"


Evgenia - Rocket Russian Tutor

Evgenia - Rocket Russian Tutor

Здравствуйте, Dave!

‘и ты’ means “and (also) you” where ты (is the informal ‘you’)

The choice between “А у вас?” and “ А вы?” will depend purely on the previous grammatical structure of a question or statement. For instance,
if a previous statement was based on a structure with “У” (у меня…; у него…; у нас… etc.) it can be followed with a shortened version of the same structure: “А у вас?” 

and if a statement was based on the structure where “someone does/did/ will do …etc” then the shortened question “А вы?” will follow. For instance: "Я люблю кофе, a вы?" (I love coffee, and (what about) you?)

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