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ASL Songs?

Hiya, here, I want to know if anyone has a deaf song they can teach me—preferably not classical. I thought it’d be cool to use signing for my performance class at school. My mom bought this pkg probably six months ago; she got it for work. She’s a guidance councillor at my high school and one of students she has is deaf. If anyone knows of a song, or a website I could go to that would be great. Cheers, ST.


Hi there, perhaps you could go to youtube and have a look if you can find any signed videos and then copy it. Hope that helps.


YouTube is a great idea, but be warned....there are some really good ones and some, well, too bad YouTube can't edit out the bad ones. But then, that would be impossible as not everybody agrees what "right way" is. I learned the "right way" is what the Deaf person you are currently talking to (signing to) in their communication needs.


wow, I did not thought of it before that even in sign languages there are songs.

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