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completed lessons


How do I complete a lesson on line and see it marked completed?


pl i want to lern english


Hi Allan, Sorry for the late reply. If you haven't already noticed, we have upgraded the way you track your progress. Previously, you would tick the lessons to mark them as complete but with the new system, you have the option of marking the lessons with ratings to see how well you know the lesson instead. If you want to replicate the "mark lessons as complete" function, you can simply go into the lesson itself and rate it as "It's Easy" by clicking on the MY LEVEL icon. I hope that helps!


Hi Mahmoud, Sorry for the late reply. At the moment we only offer two English language courses: Rocket Ingles (Spanish to English) and Rocket Eigo (Japanese to English). For more information on Rocket Ingles please visit: For more information on Rocket Eigo please visit: If you have any more questions, please contact our Support Team using the Help & Support link at the top of the page. Good luck!


I am finding it difficult to follow some of more complicated signs without a written description of the sign or phrase. Jake signs too quick for us beginners!



I agree, I really like the dictionary there you can look up words, and jake shows you how to sign it(you can also do it in slo-mo. But, I do not see a slow mo for the regular lessons. Why?

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