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I love the ASL program. I am not new to ASL and am pretty fluent based on my previous work experience. However, there is always something to learn. That being said, Does anyone have tips on how to best utilize all the material given? I'd like to learn ALL the vocab words and idioms and so forth, what is the most effective way to do so? Any ideas? Thanks!


Hi Casey, thank you for your question. I recommend that you start working your way through the lessons in the Sign Language drop down list. You will find videos on the Language and on the Practice Time tabs. You can keep track of which lessons you have completed by rating them (look for the Rate It icon in the top right of each Language lesson). You will find more videos in the Video drop down list, and can also work your way through the Dictionary to learn more vocab. And lastly, there are the games that test you on what you have learned. I hope this helps Casey. All the best!

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