"My Level" Tab


Hi, I'm Casey, and I'm not new to signing, just looking to refresh my skills, and continue learning. At the end of the lessons, it says to test yourself in the "My Level Tab". I cannot seem to find this tab. Can someone tell me where it is?


I had the same question on a different tread. I guess there is no "My Level" for ASL, but I asked them if there are any plans to develop one. I guess it is a function in many of the other spoken languages offered by Rocket Languages.


That's sort of a bummer. I would like to have one. Thank you!


Hi guys, thanks for your posts. Our apologies for any confusion or inconvenience caused. The Rocket Sign Language course has very recently undergone some upgrading. The reference at the end of the video lessons is to a feature that is currently still in development. We hope to have this available in the next few months but decided to include the video lessons first - the new feature will automatically be added to your members area when it is released. Thank you for your patience - if you have any further questions or concerns, please let us know.


could you say how long after completion of the Course a Certificate is awarded.


I must say that I am intrigued at what I learnt from this Course so much so I reviewing it again. I notice the words is very useful for every day speech and will be instrumental in helping my deaf friends.



I must say that this sign language course is very easy to understand. I like to thank first of all Jake and all members of staff who assisted me so that I can be successful in my future endeavours. Thank again Hazel Mc Lean

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