My story KJK


My youngest daughter had 14 ear infections in 13 months from birth. She had tubes in her eardrums till she was 9. Now she is 25 and her hearing is going. Her docs say she will be totally deaf in 15 years. It may seem early but the sooner the better. She is a singer with an incredible range. She will not be able to hear her own voice so she will not be able to set pitch. Fortunately she is an artist as well and has begun the necessary studies for a career in art restoration as well as her own painting.


Hi there, thank you for sharing your and your daughters story. Did you know that there are groups who sing by signing? It's absolutely beautiful and maybe something your daughter might be interested in later on? All the best


A lot of the professional composers were Deaf! I believe Bach was one of them so she could write Music.Deaf missions puts out Dr. Wonders Workshop on christian Television they have 3 music disk already and 3 season on disk! for purchase! you can request a devotional book for free too!


Deaf missions Has the AMSLAN Kids and there is a lot on Blue Ray especially You tube Now.


It was Beethoven that was deaf, not Bach.


groups who sing by signing ?¡ wow, can you mention some

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