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Single Mom with deaf teen looking for support

Hello everyone, my name is Jane Sutton and I’m a 47 year-old single mom with three daughters. I never imaged in my life that I would be learning Sign Language, especially at my age, but my teenage twins acquired a rare disorder that has left one of them deaf. Like most teenagers, Meredith wants to belong, but now has to adjust to a radical new way of life. The twins and I attended some ASL classes at the community college, but I withdrew early on. I simply couldn’t keep up; my brain isn’t as spry as the girls. I’ve decided to go ahead and get started on a new path to learning with this program. My expectations are to be better equipped in communicating with Meredith, as well as those in our local Deaf Community. It’s been a huge transition in our lives and I hope soon things we’ll start to go smoothly. While I’ve read a few posts, it doesn’t seem like there’s anyone else with a situation like mine. I would love to hear from someone with similar circumstances; it would make it seem like less of a challenge when there are other people like you. Thank you for your time, Jane.


Hi there, you are right, you just never know what's around the corner in life. It sounds as though you have adjusted to the new situation well. How old are your twins? I hope people get in touch with you, having a support network is worth so much. Good luck!


Good luck to you. It seems harder to learn as we get older. I just turned 50 and started to learn ASL two years ago when my husband and I met Tanny,(who was born deaf) our friend lives on an island where not many people know ASL. I am British so knew a little BSL. Still a thing that may help the old brain is Niacinimida OR niacin, just a B Vitamin so it will not hurt to give it a go. I take it a few times a day...Just in cast it works. I must say I do seem to remember things a little easier. Enjoy and good luck to you and your family. Love Linda.

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