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Hey guys, is there anyone out there using this program alongside an ASL class? I’m a student at Humber and I’m hoping this course could boost my Sign Language familiarity. I’m taking the class as an elective as I used to know a girl in grade school whose mother was Deaf. I found it really fascinating the way she and her mom ‘talked.’ I guess the intrigue has stuck with me. Does anyone know how much signing I should know before approaching someone for a signed conversation? We’ve done some examples in class, but what I really want is to try it with someone who’s deaf. Hey did you know that ASL takes claim on how the football huddle got started? It’s true, we covered it in class. Does anyone else know some good SL trivia? Kay well I better stop procrastinating and hit the books, but if someone has some advice or ASL facts pls let me know. Cheers, Christy.


Hi there, you will be please to know that we are currently in the process of revamping the course. We have added "Did you know" sections throughout the learning guide. These "Did you know" sections cover a lot of interesting facts about Sign Language. We have also increased the number of lessons from 10 to 31. We are just testing the new system, so you should be able to access the new Rocket Sign Language Learning Lounge within the next 5-6 weeks, if not earlier :D I personally think it's never too early to start practicing your signing with someone who is deaf. Perhaps ask them if they are happy to practice with you. Even if you don't know all the signs you need you can still fingerspell them. Good luck with your learning!


My wife is Profound Deaf and she learned a lot of sign by going to the Local Deaf Church, great for socializing tyoo! unfortunately that church is no longer in existance, Pastor Sederwal Passed Away. His wife was Total Deaf! If rou have internet you might see if You can acquire an Sorenson Relay Phone , it might lead to a great Career Helping the Deaf community!


You might try a local Deaf church, or make phone calls to churches that have Sign Language it works better also, This may sound crazy to You but learn the signs for drugs, and sex interaction as well. My ASL College Professor learned the hard way, she had something in her throat and was trying to make the sign for water, but did it in reverse. in front of 1,000 men. a born Deaf Lady finally told her what she had done, Now she uses the story to warn her students, It came out bad and a Sexual offer to all those males they lined up at break to teach her a lesson. TJ Publishers has books that cover both Drugs and Sex. both in book and Video Form!

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