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There are too many errors in this course to make it useful...



Maybe I am missing something but there are so many errors in this course, it is difficult for me to trust it or believe its content. The writing is very amateur. Some examples as I'm working through this:
1) The English is often spelled wrong in the course, or it uses very unnatural phrases.
2) The signs are sometimes wrong (it says it will be the sign for throat, but then it's tongue)
3) The signs are also wrong on many important grammar points. For example, in "Inflection and Intensity", the videos show the signer showing "very" when the writing says "very" is implicitly included in the signs for happy or slow. In many other places the writing of what signs to expect doesn't match what is actually signed.
4) Why are all the words in the "common words" video module fingerspelled? This is misleading to people who are expecting real signs.
5) I am still at 0 points despite having gone through 4 modules and marked them as finished.

I am appalled at the low quality of this course. If they're charging money for this, how has no one double-checked to make sure it doesn't have basic errors like this? I hope you guys are able to improve the quality of this course soon!


Oh dear, this is very disappointing information.  Bought the program yesterday. Never occurred to me that Rocket Languages would even release something so subpar to their customers.

Maybe it's fixable?


This course needs work.  The videos with the female don't work on my Chromebook but does on the app.  The months of the year are fully finger spelled and that's not correct.   
The signs move too quickly and there's no tutorial for forming each sign.  Some of the sign movements are vague and need explanations. Further, it's difficult to tell which way to move the arms since the models in the videos are facing us. 

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