French grammar

It’s easy to learn French grammar with these free French audio lessons. The Rocket French team has included step-by-step grammar explanations, audio for French pronunciation, and helpful cultural tips along the way!

Check out the list of French grammar lessons below! Allons-y !

a in French

How do you say a in French? You’ll learn the essential French "un" and "une" in this online lesson.

This is where I’ll introduce you to indefinite French articles – and I don’t mean the reading kind! If you’ve never heard of indefinite articles in French, don’t panic!

The in French

How do you say the in French? You’ll learn the essential French articles la, le, l' and les in this online lesson, and I’ve included some examples with audio as well.

You in French

Not sure when to use the formal in French or the informal? This French language lesson on saying You in French is for you!

Take a look at the simple explanations I’ve put together, and then listen to some examples of French conversations so you can practice using this basic French grammar in real life situations.

If you’re planning on traveling in a French-speaking country, you might think learning casual French is enough… well think again... This lesson will make sure you don’t offend anyone by being too familiar, and help you to avoid any embarrassing cultural misunderstandings!

Of in French

This free French lesson will solve the small mystery of the word de, (of in French) and you’ll even get some French pronunciation practice time as well.

As they say, sometimes big things come in small packages, and once you’ve mastered this versatile little word, you’ll find you can speak French more naturally.

I hope you find these free French language lessons helpful!

Happy learning!

Marie-Claire Rivière and the Rocket French Team