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Clothes in French

Need to learn some words for clothes in French? This free online French lesson will teach you how to talk about clothes in French that are suitable for the conditions. Listen closely to the pronunciation and practice saying these items of clothing in French. You can be more dependent on the weather when traveling, because you are likely to spend more time outside. You'll enjoy yourself a lot more if you have the appropriate clothing!

Talking about Clothes in French

Un manteau

A coat

Une écharpe

A scarf

Un chapeau

A hat

Une veste

A jacket

Un imperméable

A raincoat

Un parapluie

An umbrella

Une paire de gants

A pair of gloves

Une paire de chaussettes épaisses

A pair of thick socks

Une paire de bottes

A pair of boots

Une paire de chaussures

A pair of shoes

Des sandales


Un pullover

A sweater

Des habits chauds

Warm clothing

Des habits légers

Light clothing

Un maillot de bain

A swimsuit

Un bikini

A bikini

If you are lucky enough to have some good weather you might also need…

Des lunettes de soleil

The sunglasses

De la crème solaire

The sunscreen

Un chapeau contre le soleil

A sun hat

If the weather is no good, you may want to say that you are boiling hot, freezing cold, wet, or miserable. Here are some useful sentences…

J'ai froid.

I'm cold.

Je suis congelé(e).

I'm freezing.

J'ai chaud.

I'm hot.

Je transpire.

I'm sweating.

Mes pieds sont froids.

My feet are cold.

Mes doigts sont froids

My fingers are frozen.

Je suis trempé(e).

I'm soaking wet.

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À bientôt! Marie-Claire Rivière and the Rocket French Team