Clothing in French

Today’s free audio lesson will teach you some basic words for clothing in French. Listen to the pronunciation of the French words and practice saying them aloud until you feel confident.

With these French clothing words under your belt (so to speak!) you’ll be able to describe what someone is wearing, or what you’re looking for when shopping for clothes in France.

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Talking about Clothing in French

Les vètements” means “clothes or garments” in general, and the following short list of essential items will give you shopping power when it comes to asking for what you want.

Les vêtements

Clothes or Garments

Les sous-vêtements


Le pull

The sweater

Les chaussettes

The socks

Les chaussures

The shoes

Le pantalon

The trousers

La robe

The dress

Les bas

Hosiery, stockings and tights

You might want to add some descriptions to that list, and this is what that would look like:

Les sous-vêtements pour homme

Men's underwear

Les pulls en laine

Woolen sweaters

Les chaussettes pour enfants

Children's socks

Les chaussures d'hiver

Winter shoes

Le pantalon chaud

Warm trousers

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That's it for today... À bientôt!

Marie-Claire Rivière and the Rocket French Team

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