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Forms in French

When you travel in France you’ll sometimes be asked to complete forms giving your personal details. This free audio lesson will help you fill out French forms and give your contact details in French.

Whether you are registering at a hotel or getting a new passport, it is likely that the form will be asking questions in French. This lesson will help you provide your contact details in French so your experience goes more smoothly.

Resources for further reading:

Numbers in French

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You’ll have to know some numbers to be able to complete this lesson. Fortunately, you can answer most questions in this chapter (with the exception of your age) with the basic numbers from one to ten.





















Questions in French

Let’s go through some of the most common questions you might be asked, whether you’re filling out a registration form in a hotel or at the consulate getting a new passport. In these situations, you’ll be addressed with ”Vous” the formal form of “you.” So, though you have seen some of these questions before, all the questions below are expressed formally.

Quel est votre nom ?

What's your name?

D'où est-ce que vous venez ?

Where are you from?

Quelle est votre nationalité ?

What's your nationality?

Quel âge avez-vous ?

How old are you?

Quelle est la date de votre anniversaire ?

What is your date of birth?

Avez-vous des frères ou des sœurs ?

Do you have brothers or sisters?

Combien de frères ou de sœurs avez-vous ?

How many brothers or sisters do you have?

Avez-vous des enfants ?

Do you have children?

Combien d'enfants avez-vous ?

How many children do you have?

Êtes-vous en couple ?

Do you have a spouse?

Êtes-vous marié ?

Are you married?

Quel est votre adresse ?

What is your address?

Quel est votre numéro de téléphone ?

What is your telephone number?

Quel est votre numéro de portable ?

What is your cell phone number?

Quel est votre numéro de passeport ?

What is your passport number?

Quel est votre adresse courriel ?

What is your email address?

Answers in French

When you’re responding, you can follow one of the simple formats below. Just insert the appropriate information in the brackets.

Mon nom est [your name].

My name is [your name].

Je m'appelle [your name].

My name is [your name].

J'habite en [country name].

I'm from [country name].

Je suis [nationality].

I'm [nationality].

J'ai [number] ans.

I am [number] years old.

Mon anniversaire est le [day] [month] [year].

My birthday is on the [day] of [month] [year].

Oui, j'ai des frères et sœurs.

Yes, I have brothers and sisters.

Non je n'ai pas de frères ni de sœurs.

No, I do not have brothers or sisters.

Je suis fils (fille) unique.

I am an only child.

J'ai [number] sœurs et j'ai [number] frères.

I have [number] sisters and [number] brothers.

Oui, j'ai [number] enfant(s).

Yes, I have [number] child(ren).

Non, je n'ai pas d'enfant.

No, I do not have children.

J'ai [number] enfant(s).

I have [number] child(ren).

Oui, j'ai un conjoint.

Yes, I have a spouse.

Non, je n'ai pas de conjoint.

No, I haven't got a spouse.

Oui, je suis marié(e).

Yes, I'm married.

Non, je ne suis pas marié(e).

No, I'm not married.

Mon adresse est [your address].

My address is [your address].

Mon numéro de téléphone est [your number].

My telephone number is [your number].

Mon numéro de portable est [your number].

My cell phone number is [your number].

Mon numéro de passeport est [your number].

My passport number is [your number].

Filling out Forms

If you find yourself being asked to fill out forms with your personal details, you won’t get the complete questions that you’ve studied above. Instead, you’ll get short words or phrases.









Date d'anniversaire

Date of birth



Numéro de téléphone

Telephone number

Numéro de portable

Mobile number

Numéro de passeport

Passport number

It might also be useful for you to look at this French lesson on talking about computers in French, or more on French numbers.

That’s it for today’s lesson.

À bientôt! Marie-Claire Rivière and the Rocket French Team

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