Computer in French

Need to know how to navigate a computer in French (Un ordinateur) or use the phone in French? Today’s free audio lesson is for you!

If you want to know how to connect, send or download and more, check out these essential French words for using everyday technology. Next, listen carefully to how you pronounce the French phrases for making a phone call in French and leaving a phone message.

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Talking about Computers in French

Un ordinateur

A computer

Une imprimante

A printer

Une souris

A mouse

Un écran

A screen

Un clavier

A keyboard


To talk


To send


To browse

La page d'acceuil

Home page


To get connected


To download


To switch on


To switch off

On the phone in French

Calling someone and leaving a message might prove challenging in a new language! Here is a shortcut to leaving a message:

Allô , c'est…

Hello, it's…

C'est un message pour…

It's a message for…

Mon numéro ici est le…

My number here is…

J'attends votre appel, merci !

I look forward to hearing back from you, thank you!

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That's it for today's lesson. À bientôt! Marie-Claire Rivière and the Rocket French Team

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