Funny French Phrases

Funny French Phrases using Animals

French phrases and expressions can be very colorful and odd, as well as funny! For example, the French like to randomly include animals in common funny French phrases:

When a French-person needs to clear his or her throat, they don't say I have a frog in my throat, as an English speaking person would, but rather a cat!

How to say funny French phrases

Here are some of the most basic funny French phrases to get you started. Further on in this lesson we will look at the pronunciation of these and more French phrases.

  • J'ai un chat dans la gorge. - I have a frog in my throat. (literally: I have a cat in the throat.)
  • Il m'a posé un lapin ! - He stood me up! (literal: he put me a rabbit!)
  • Il fait un froid de canard ! - It's freezing cold! (literally: the weather is a cold of duck!)
  • J'ai le cafard. - I feel down. (literally: I have the cockroach.)
  • Je donne ma langue au chat. - I have no idea. (literally: I give my tongue to the cat)
  • Ça me casse les oreilles ! - This noise is a pain! (literally: It's breaking my ears!)
  • Tu me casses les pieds ! - You're getting on my nerves! (literally: You're breaking my feet!)
  • Tu fais la tête ? - Are you sulking? (literally: Are you making a head?)
  • Laisse-moi te donner un coup de main ! - Let me give you a helping hand! (literal: Let me give you a knock of hand!)
  • Je suis bien dans ma peau. - I feel good about myself. (literally: I'm well in my skin)

Let's get started...

If you don't show up to a rendez-vous in France, your angry friend will tell everyone:

He will be even more furious if he has been waiting in the cold, and will add:

He will then probably feel a little down, and say:

If someone asks why you didn't show up, he will probably say:

Funny French Phrases using Body Parts!

Body parts are also used in a lot of funny expressions in French:

Paris streets can be quite noisy, and French drivers tend to use the horn too frequently. Pedestrians will often complain:

The ears are not the only part of the body that can be broken: if a child is being annoying and tiresome to you, you can tell him:

If the child won't stop and you need to confiscate his favourite toy, he will probably sulk. You can then ask him:

Don't get caught out by this expression, which is used when you want to give a helping hand to somebody, and doesn't imply any aggressiveness or anger!

If you're feeling healthy and confident, you can proudly say:

Funny French Phrases using Food Words

The reputation is true; the French love food, cooking, good wine and fine restaurants! This is something you could guess from some of the expressions that are used in France:

If someone is a little too nosy, and you need to tell him to mind his own business, you can say:

You could even add:

If he won't stop, and you're furious against him, you could tell him:

If your friend is upset, and you want to tell him it's not that serious, you can tell him:

But your friend could be really offended and even tell you:

A French speaker has quite a few fruity possibilities to say how energized they are. If you're in top form, you can say:

If you're in top form, you could as well go out and have fun. But before heading to the club, you'll have to dress up. When they see you, your French friends will tell you:

If you want to learn more French phrases then have a look at these other popular lessons:

À bientôt !
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