I like in French

How do you tell people what you like to do in French? You start by saying J'aime... and in this free audio lesson you’ll learn how to pronounce I like in French in various situations.

Whether it’s football, cooking or traveling, you’ll learn how to speak in French about the things you enjoy. In French conversation, talking about shared interests is a great way to establish common ground.

Being able to talk about yourself to French people in the French language will help you make friends and ensure you enjoy your time in France. So tell me about yourself…

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I like in French

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So, tell me;

  • Qu’est ce que tu fais pendant ton temps libre?
  • What do you do during your free time?

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J'aime chanter.

I like singing.

J'aime cuisiner.

I like cooking.

J'aime jouer au football.

I like playing football.

J'aime jouer au basketball.

I like playing basketball.

J'aime écouter de la musique.

I like listening to music.

J'aime lire.

I like reading.

J'aime courir.

I like running

J'aime nager.

I like swimming.

J'aime pêcher.

I like fishing.

J'aime regarder des films.

I like watching movies.

J'aime surfer sur internet.

I like surfing the net.

J'aime jouer de la musique.

I like playing music.

J'aime voyager.

I like traveling.

J'aime me réunir avec mes amis.

I like meeting friends.

J'aime prendre des photos.

I like taking photographs.

Mon activité préférée est…

My favorite activity is…

Qu'est-ce que tu aimes faire le plus ?

What do you like doing best?

Le temps libre

The free time

Je suis fan de...

I'm a fan of…

Quelles sont tes passions ?

What are your hobbies?

Qu'est-ce que tu fais pendant ton temps libre ?

What do you do in your free time?

Here are some more useful expressions…

J'aime faire du ski.

I like skiing.

J'aime faire de la plongée.

I like scuba diving.

J'aime jardiner.

I like gardening.

J'aime me reposer.

I like to relax.

J'aime danser.

I like dancing.

J'aime marcher.

I like walking.

J'aime faire de la randonnée.

I like hiking.

J'aime aller au théâtre.

I like going to the theater.

J'aime aller au cinéma.

I like going to the cinema.

J'aime manger au restaurant.

I like eating out.

J'aime sortir en discothèque.

I like to go clubbing.

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