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I love you in French

This audio lesson will teach you how to say those three very important words, I love you in French! Je t'aime is the most common way to do this, however there are variations that can add more spice to your conversation!

Listen to the audio and practice saying I love you in French, along with other very important French phrases – after all, French is world renowned as the language of love and romance!

I love you in French

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How to say I love you in French

If you want to confess your love to someone, just say...

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Je t'aime.

I love you.

Hopefully the answer will be…

Je t'aime aussi.

I love you, too.

What do you do when you meet someone and you realize that you are falling in love? Here are some phrases you might want to use…

Tu me plais.

I'm fond of you.

Je t'aime beaucoup.

I like you lots.

Je t'aime énormément

I like you very much.

Je t'adore.

I love you lots.

Je t'aime plus que tout.

I love you more than anything.

There is no equivalent in English for “Je t’adore”, it’s kind of between “I like you” and “I love you”. It basically means that you like someone very, very much. For example a mother might use “Je t’adore” to tell her child how fond she is of him or her.

Whether you’re dating in France or just making some friendly French conversation, you never know when you might need to use these…

Tout va bien ?

Everything alright?

Je voudrais …

I would like to…


I would love to…



Est-ce que tu veux... ?

Would you like…?

Est-ce que vous voulez... ?

Would you like…?

C'est très agréable.

That is very nice.

C'est très gentil.

That is very kind.

J'aime beaucoup cela.

I like that very much.

Je n'aime pas beaucoup cela.

I don't like that very much.

C'est amusant.

That's fun.

Ce n'est pas amusant.

That's no fun.

De rien.

You're welcome.

You can ask someone out for a date by saying one of the following phrases…

Est-que tu veux sortir avec moi ?

Would you like to go out with me?

J'aimerais passer plus de temps avec toi...

I would like to spend more time with you…

J'aimerais t'inviter à diner...

I would like to take you out for dinner…

Pouvons-nous marcher un moment ensemble ?

Shall we go for a little walk together?

If the date was successful you might want to say…

C'était une journée très agréable…

That was a lovely day…

C'était une soirée très agréable…

That was a lovely evening…

Some more useful phrases when dating the man or woman of your dreams…

Tu es très jolie.

You look great!

Tu es trop mignon.

You are so sweet.

Est ce que tu es sérieux avec notre relation ?

Are you serious about us?

Je veux être avec toi.

I want to be with you.

Veux tu m'épouser ?

Do you want to marry me?

Tu es l'homme de mes rêves.

You are the man of my dreams.

Tu es la femme de mes rêves.

You are the woman of my dreams.

Tu es incroyable !

You are incredible!

If you are going out with someone who is not exactly what you were hoping for you could say…

Je veux juste être ami(e) avec toi.

I just want to be friends.

Je ne suis pas intéressé(e).

I'm not interested.

Laisse-moi seul(e).

Leave me alone.

Tu n'es pas mon type.

You are not my type.

Va t'en !

Go away!

That’s it for today’s lesson. I hope you enjoyed it.

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À bientôt !

Marie-Claire Rivière and the Rocket French Team

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