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Sports Phrases in Italian

If you want to talk about sports in Italian, then this lesson is for you! Listen carefully to the Italian pronunciation and practice saying the Italian words and phrases aloud.

Perhaps you want to play sport in Italy or join a conversation with Italian-speaking people. Either way, learning these sports words in Italian will get you started!

Common phrases about Sports in Italian

Let's get started...

Fare uno sport

To do a sport

Giocare a

To play

Andare in bicicletta

To cycle

Giocare a pallavolo

To play volleyball

Andiamo a giocare a calcio

We are going to play football (soccer)

Andiamo in bicicletta, è una bella giornata!

Let's go cycling, it's a beautiful day!

Quando vai a nuotare?

When are you going swimming?

Dov'è la partita?

Where is the game?

Giochi a tennis?

Do you play tennis?

Imagine you are watching a game somewhere in Italy. This is what you might hear people around you saying about a soccer match!

Passa la palla!

Pass the ball!

Mossa sbagliata!

Bad move!

Non posso credere che tu lo abbia sbagliato!

Can't believe you missed that!

That's it for this lesson! Why not check out some more lessons on Italian phrases next?

A presto!


Maria DiLorenzi and the Rocket Italian Team