Italian hotel vocabulary

Make sure you pack this Italian hotel vocabulary in your bags before you travel! After this free audio lesson you'll be able to ask for what you need in Italian, find your way around an Italian hotel, and share any concerns you have with the hotel staff.

Even if you’re lucky enough to find the perfect hotel, you’ll need to know a few Italian words and phrases to understand the staff assisting you, so let's start with some basics...

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Italian hotel vocabulary

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La chiave

The key

Il numero della chiave

The key number

Lei è nella camera numero 29.

You are in room number 29.

Directions will be given with reference to floors...

Piano terra

Ground floor

Primo piano

First floor

Secondo piano

Second floor

Terzo piano

Third floor

Quarto piano

Fourth floor

You may wish to know where the following are…

Dov'è l'ascensore?

Where is the elevator?

Dov'è la piscina?

Where is the swimming pool?

Dov'è il ristorante?

Where is the restaurant?

Dove viene servita la colazione?

Where do you serve breakfast?

You may also want to know:

A che ora è il check-out?

At what time do I need to check out?

Pago adesso o più tardi?

Do I pay now or later?

Quando viene servita la colazione?

When do you serve breakfast?

If your room isn't equipped with all the facilities you'd like, here are some useful phrases…

Ho bisogno di più asciugamani.

I need more towels.

Ho bisogno di più sapone.

I need more soap.

Ho bisogno di più carta igienica.

I need more toilet paper.

Ho bisogno di un'altra coperta.

I need an extra blanket.

Ho bisogno di lenzuola pulite.

I need clean sheets.

Here are some final words and phrases that might come in handy…

un letto matrimoniale

A double bed (for two people)

l'aria condizionata

The air conditioning

Il riscaldamento

The heater

Il riscaldamento è rotto

The heater is broken.












The water

La luce

The light





I hope you enjoyed this lesson!

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