George Graham

Rocket Japanese

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I find that the lessons on Rocket Japanese are extremely practical and cover topics that one is likely to encounter in real live situations. Case in point, I just one week ago arrived in Japan for a visit. As usual, the friendly Customs Officer asked me if I could speak Japanese. My response in the past has been that I do not and that usually means I walk straight through Customs. This time I decided to say I speak a little. As anticipated, this resulted in me being "tested" to see just how much I could and couldn't speak. To my surprise I was able to get through a five minute conversation with the Customs Officer. I'll concede that I've been brushing on Japanese up in recent times but didn't expect this result. The thing I like about Rocket Japanese is the clear enunciation of the teachers. In my view this is absolutely critical when one is trying to learn a language. Without that good foundation I think it is extremely difficult to pick up the spoken word. In turn, if you can't hear the language then you have no hope of being able to respond to any question. I have now been in Japan for a couple of weeks and continue to surprise myself in places like shops and on public transport. Even the writing which can be challenging, especially Kanji, I have found I've got a handle on because of the completeness of the lessons on Rocket Japanese. It really is a thorough coverage of all the aspects of learning a language from reading and writing to listening and speaking. whenever the subject of learning a language comes up with any of my friends I have no hesitation in recommending Rocket Languages. And with the latest iPad application that is now available it really is easy to learn on the go. I really love it. Keep up the great work.