Catalina Ortiz

Rocket German

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Well I purchased German Rocket about 2 years ago. I did it cause I always had friends in Germany. German language seemed logical to learn after being always surounded with German people and being fascinated with their culture and country. So I completed the first 2 courses (Premium and Premium plus) and in a very short time and I started learning in a very easy and fun way. It was awesome! I loved how everything started to make sense and despite on what the general opinion is, German is actually a sweet language, it is not that harsh as it has been portrayed. I started the Platinum course but due personal problems I stopped my lessons despite my efforts to continue. But I love that I can always pick up where I left and I am getting back to it. I can choose the time and always get back on my lessons. There is no real language school here where I live and yet I have managed to learn a lot! My big test was just a month ago. One of my best friends got married to a German guy and most of the wedding was filled with German people. Although pretty much everybody spoke English the main language spoken there was German! I was able to understand almost everything they said in their conversations!!!! it was amazing! After the wedding some friends and I that attended the wedding went traveling for a little bit. Some of my friends were of course German! One of them was really suprised how much I can understand now and forced me to practice with him. I still feel like when speaking I'm blocked and I am scared to say all wrong but little by little I am getting better and that encourage me to keep learning. I probably understand more than I can speak but is ok. Now I even update my facebook status in German and my friends are impressed! So if anybody that is reading this review, I can say Rocket German is the best! nobody is paying me to say so! It can take you a long time or short time to learn, is really up to you. But just think that the same time you are wasting on saying oh takes a long time to learn a language is the same time you could have already learned somthing from that language. You start little by little and then when you least realize, is done! This is worth every penny I spent!