Patrice Bashynski

Rocket Spanish

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I was introduced to Rocket Languages through my local library. This is another reason that Rocket Languages is AWESOME! Persons with limited financial resources can experience this phenomenal learning language tool. I completed the available course lessons several years ago. However, I continue to log in and learn new things. I do this several ways. I can always review the lessons and take my tests over. I can also read Mauricio's learning tips/tools. I can review my own notes that I took and saved and I can still add new notes. Also, the forum is AWESOME! I use it to learn, to practice writing in Spanish (my chosen language) and I have asked questions with AWESOME results. Rocket Language continues to provide me challenges. This keeps me excited, interested, and learning new Spanish every day. Thank you for making this AWESOME material available to our (still quite free) local library's. YOU ROCK!