Samii C

Rocket French Brooklyn, NY

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I have recommended Rocket Languages to all my friends and family. I am having an awesome time learning French at my own pace. The point system is cool and motivational. I cannot wait to finish the premium version to move onto to premium plus section. After that, it will be Spanish then Italian and MORE. I will continue to use the program FOR LIFE, and I know it's features will only improve over time. I love Paul and Claire, they're exceptional tutors.
My favorite section is WRITE IT, I seem to do the best in this section. The Hear it, Say it, Write it and Know it sections are awesome and reinforces what and how you learn. I wish that the software was able to grade you itself based on your pronunciations, just as it does in the write section. I also admire the MY TOOLBOX section. My vocab section is amazing and limits the amount of note taking I need to do in my personal notebook. The Advanced Learning Techniques section is a MUST READ, very helpful tips. I wish the PHRASE FINDER was actually a French-English translation dictionary, as opposed to only being able to search words that are contained within the lessons. Dictionary feature would be an awesome addition. I also thought that we were able to download the text portions of the lesson, but I do not see that as a feature. My work around for that, is simply screen-capping the text and saving them as jpgs for easy viewing/reading on my phone. I do not like the app for the phone, because it does not allow audio downloads and it is not as up to date as the site. The app also does not save my progress, so I am only able to test via the computer. My work around is simply downloading all audio sections onto my computer and then transferring onto my phone/kindle for easy listening. It beats not having access to app when there is no wifi or internet connection available. I hope that I will soon be able to write my next review in French. Thanks for reading...