Christian Hagard

Rocket German Simrishamn

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A friend had recommended Rocket German to me. At first I wasn't sure whether it would reach my requirements. As I'm planning to move to Germany and hopefully study there one day I wanted to learn German as fast as possible.
I've tried learning it before in the past but I always gave up. It simply wasn't fun. Well, after trying Rocket German for some time now I can say that not only is it fun, it's addictive. I love how amusing it is to listen to the audio, it's as easy as that to download it to my ipod and then absorb the lessons as I go about my day. The systems with points is also motivating me to work even harder. I'm from Sweden and I've learnt both English and Spanish to a fluent level. It took hard work and truth be told, it's was a rather arduous journey. Sure, I enjoyed it, as I've always enjoyed language learning, but there was a lot of effort involved. With rocket german I what I'm experiencing is a sense of my language learning being effortless. Sure, your brain will be working hard as the lessons are getting increasingly more intense and challenging, but it's all presented in such a clever and innovative way that the it's never boring. If you want to learn german in an enjoyable and effortless manner then rocket german is your best choice.