Constantin Jakobljevich

Rocket Spanish

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I take the Spanish Course and it is simply amazing. After 3 years of high school Spanish 7 years ago I have never spoken Spanish again. Now i have a South American girlfriend which created the wish to be able to speak with her in Spanish rather than English. I am doing great improvements and I seriously did not think at it to be that easy. The sections are split up within a fair amount of work. There is never the feeling of "I am getting bored". I normally do 3 sessions only the listening and after that I do the H,Q,K sections. This is pretty fast and I already see my degree coming closer :-D ! I highly recommend Rocketlanguage for anyone who wants to learn the basics of any language as fast as possible. Just as a quick example, my girlfriend is taking Rocket German courses and is already able to talk with me and nearly understands everything. And all this after only 2 and a half months of studying. Pretty Amazing !!!