Rocket French Bamako

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I have researched French courses extensively and decided to purchase Rocket Languages as most suitable/affordable program that offered excellent learning quality system. I do not have the strongest will to learn on my own and decided to look for a teacher. I tried couple of teachers and I feel I did not give enough and after couple of months I gave up and decided to look for an immersion program in France instead. Now, few months later I have found a program in France I want to attend however some reviewers of that immersion program suggested it may be all too hard for beginner. I have therefore decided to go back to Rocket Language as I have 4 months before the course and I am finding the course material really useful and interesting and interactive. I also like the fact that I can visualize how much work I put in everyday by seeing the number of points and change in my badges.
Overall I think it suits me better than a teacher at this moment as I can spend an hour at work and some time at home too. I would recommend it to anyone.